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  Editorial office

Chief-editor: Nataliya Goryushkina
+7 (917) 578-83-41
e-mail: chief-editor@npa-arm.org

Executive editor: Nataliya Rusakova
phone: +7 (812) 318-19-55
e-mail: editor@valve-industry.ru

Design and layout:
Yury Beliaev

Proofreading & translation:
Tamara Sklyarova

office 227, Shaumyana pr., 4, St. Petersburg, 195027, Russia

  Our correspondents

Ksenia Karlovskaya
phone.: +7 (905) 232-20-29
e-mail: k.karlovskaya@npa-arm.org

Nadezhda Pushkarskaja
phone: +7 (987) 359-66-80
e-mail: n.pushkarskaya@npa-arm.org

  For foreign readers and advertisers

Anastasiia Repkina
Tel.: +7 (812) 318-19-20
e-mail: arepkina@npa-arm.org


Katya Timoshenko
phone: +7 (906) 152-39-78
e-mail: e.timoshenko@npa-arm.org

  Mailing address for advertisers and subscribers

Branch IC NPAA
office 226, Shaumyana pr., 4, St. Petersburg, 195027, Russia
phone: +7 (812) 318-19-20


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