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Prices for publication of advertising materials
Module Size (width/
+ article (2/1),

Second page
of cover
+ top*,
Third page
of cover,

2 pages/A3 420 х 297 2 500 2 000 –  1 800
Full page/A4 210 х 297 3 500  – 1 000 2 000 3 000 900
Half page (horizontal) 180 х 129  –  – 550
Half page (vertical) 87 х 263
 –  – 550
Quarter page (vertical) 87 x 129  –  – 400
1/8 page (horizontal) 180 х 30  –  – 400
"business card",
90 х 50 300

* Top – pages at the beginning of magazine, before contents.
All prices are indicated for publishing in one issue of the magazine.

All prices are indicated without a bank commission. 100% prepayment is required.

Inter-branch magazine

We are always glad to cooperate with you!

Anastasiia Repkina

+7 (812) 318-19-20
e-mail: info@npa-arm.org

Moreover, you can place free of charge in our magazine the information concerning the new products, developed on your enterprise, as a technical module. Contact, please, info@npa-arm.org.

  Requirements to advertizing materials:

Vector graphics is accepted in the following formats: Illustrator, version CS6 or lower, - .AI, .EPS; CoreDraw, version X4 or lower, - .CDR, .CMX. Use only CMYK.
Logo should be in vector graphics (Illustrator, CorelDraw). Firm colors should be in CMYK or Pantone Solid Coated number should be pointed (e.g., blue - 2728C).
Texts, primitives should be converted into curves. Module should have sizes, specified in price, keeping the horizontal and vertical orientations.
In case, when module is placed as 'edged' type, it is necessary to foresee margin extension of 3 mm on the edge side.
While using built-up filters (in vector graphics), all special effects should be transformed into CMYK or Grayscale.
It is preferable to give pictures and texts apart (sub-linked).
Pixel graphic (photos and so on) is accepted in .TIFF or .PSD formats without compression. Color models: CMYK, Grayscale. Resolution: 300 ppi – full-color, 150 ppi – halftone, 600 ppi – monochrome.

Note! Editorial staff is not liable for distortion of information, which is not in compliance with abovementioned requirements.


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