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1. Articles and announcements are accepted to publication, when they meet the following requirements:
   - scientific and technical articles, related to valves or actuators design and development, manufacture or operation;
   - market reviews of valves, raw materials for valves manufacture;
   - analytical and information surveys of quality, standards, management, marketing, economy, business and so on;
   - other materials at option of Chief-editor.
   News (information notes concerning one or either events of companies vital functions, not over 2000 characters) are published in accordance with established procedure.

2. The author, intended to publish its writing in Valve Industry magazine, ought to send it by e-mail: chief-editor@npa-arm.org.
   Texts and graphic (pictures, diagrams, schemes, complex tables) preferably be in different files. If article contains tables and graphics, it is better to send it in Word or Excel. Photos should be sent apart of article (definition - 300 dpi). As for files with schemes – graphics editor format is preferable.
   Text should not be over 15 000 – 16 000 characters. Articles containing more text should be divided into parts and may be printed in several running magazine numbers.
   Articles should be sent one and a half months before up to the set date of next magazine number publishing, if other is not agreed between author and editor.

3. The preliminary evaluation of received articles is carried out by Chief-editor in compliance with the following criteria:
   a) content should meet the requirements of magazine style and tendency;
   b) content-richness and advertising ratio;
   c) literary expression.

4. If article variances magazine style and tendency, it may be a reason for refusal in publication.
   Material, accepted to be advertising ones, may be published in condition of simultaneous publication of paid advertising module.
   After literary correction article is to be sent back to author with editorial notes and comments. Stylistic editorial notes are accepted only at author's agreement.

5. To estimate the urgency and scientific level of scientific and technical articles or other materials, having highly specialized topic, editor may recruit off-site experts to make a review. Reviews, having principal notes, concerning article content, are to be sent to the author, who has a right to accept these notes and make the correspondent corrections, or to decline them. In the latter case, article is published in author's version, but editor has a right to publish along with it alternative version, containing reviewers' notes.

6. Material, accepted to be published, with corrections, approved by author, is passed to making-up. The final correction (spelling and punctuation corrections) is not a matter for author approval.
   The author has a right to receive made-up material in *.pdf format.
   Please get in touch with the chief-editor Nataliya Goryushkina at chief-editor@npa-arm.org.


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